Spilled ink by alter ego: How wishes find their way

Somehow, someday, the core of your wishes will all come true in the most unexpected way.

I used to dream about working in some former dream multinational companies, making earnings in dollar cheques and all. I didn’t, but it was actually better. After months of devastation due to post-power syndrome, being left by closest friends with their new post-graduation responsibilites, I was handed my first actual job—which unexpectedly brought sort of similar 8 digits of monthly earnings. And it was even better than I could imagine. I still got to pursue my old dream of selling my own handicrafts and arts and all because the workloads weren’t quite much, and crossing things out of my wishlist which I hadn’t had the opportunities to do when I was still at school. Had I not establish my first ever artsy store, the current version of myself may not love herself as much as she does right now for finally making true of the thing she thought would simply be just gone.

I used to have big ambitions and confidence about myself, particularly as the side-effect of constant achievement at younger age that somehow helped me to picture what kind of person I should be. Now I grow up mature enough to realize that the past cannot define anything about you, unless you make the best of your present time. I’ve seen people of so-so achievement during school finally skyrockets with their widely recognized trophies and all, and people with better past end up being mediocre.

Having ambitions and confidence and all, I used to wonder about attending world’s top ten universities. Before wisdom came and helped me to see that there are bigger things that I might want to consider. Eventually, in a couple weeks I’ll be moving to a city less recognized, somewhere less known. Where literally nobody knows my name, nor who I am or what I’ve been. Pursuing a subject that I thought I’d given up since long ago.

But I’ll see northern lights, canoe and swim in the world’s best lakes, read newspaper filled with good news of the best government in the world, have picnic and lay on the grass of Northern America’s largest city parks, ride bicycle along the city river, meet the most polite white people, be taught by some professors I’ve been admiring and all. Things I won’t trade with going to world’s top ten universities. Things I thank myself about for being sane enough to choose over a recognition of a more popular school. Things that will matter a lot more than sitting in the class of a more recognized school.

I used to adore a guy who seemed to have all those things I’ve always thought I want in a lover. This is a wish I remember clearly I have buried so very deeply, by letting go and sincerely praying for better human to come. Years later, someone else came up and in the most unanticipated way, the universe worked for us. For when you let go, something even much better moves in your way. With all his positivity and flaws that are entirely a complete package resembling the very ideal significant other of mine, even much better than that one old crush I used to picture as the perfect one.

You never know how a downfall may be your gate to the truest betterment. How descending oil price leads you to discover what you really want to do with your life, how the shifting route of your entire projected future helps you to find out what are the things that matter the most to help you build a life of happiness, or how major heartbreak brings you to a better human you never knew existed, that might also end up as your destined half.

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