Winter in Canadian Rockies

It was my first travel with the U of A Outdoors Club without my usual pals of the club. I remembered that I decided to go, even without telling them that I signed up because I knew that I had to find a new circle. Whether I liked the idea or not, I had to develop a new comfort zone. People who would get along well with me, and maybe share the same passion or interest with me too, to make it easier. Of course then this trip made the perfect sense. First of all, it was the Outdoors Club, whom people are pretty much equivalent to ITB’s LFM in a way that the majority of us listens to the similar type of indie pop/alternative/indie rock music, and we freakin’ love travels. Secondly, this particular trip was called Photography Trip, so it resembled LFM on a whole new level now. And it would make the most sense for me to find one or two new friends from the trip–that hopefully would help me to reconnect with new people.

It was before daybreak when our cars began roaming on the road. I was so excited because this particular lake, the Lake Abraham, was one of the places I wanted to visit the most in entire Canada. I mean, look at those trapped bubbles beneath the perfect frozen surface of the lake!

The wind was so strong that I had to go chase for my “flying” tripod while concerning whether or not I’d eventually break the ice underneath me because I had to run fast enough to catch the tripod, but not too fast that I might endanger myself. It was flippin’ cold as heck too, needless to say. But was it worth it? Heck yes.

Honestly, I think the Outdoors Club might be the most remarkable thing ever happened to me at the university. It was more than a community where people were able to travel every weekend if they want to. It was also, to me, a community where I get to experience the Canadian adventures with the most interesting type of people possible, with their awesome taste in music and quirky sense of humor, and just everyone’s easygoing-ness in general. And maybe, one major thing that I liked very much was that I wasn’t the only person who’s different. There were a bunch of other international students too, some who do not speak better English than I do, thus I felt like everyone’s equal and deserving the chance to learn.

I’m sadly no longer part of it, but the memories of our travels together for all the trips that we had would remain in my thoughts forever!

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  1. Well Adna, i’m so sorry if i spamming your blog and give comments possibly in every post that i will read here.
    Kanada, iceland, dan negara-negara bersalju di eropa sana adalah salah satu bucketlist yang ingin sekali kukunjungi dan semoga suatu saat bisa terwujud.
    satu hal yang ingin kutanya, orang indonesia atau orang yg sepanjang hidupnya di negara tropis yang hangat, bisa meng-handle cuaca dan udara sedingin itu kah?

    1. Wah justru senang tulisan saya direspon. As you mentioned earlier it’s been a long time since people commenting on my blog too, lol.

      Aamiin, Iceland is on my list too! Sangat bisa, btw. Kuncinya hanya proper winter outfit aja. Harus keluar sedikit biaya ekstra untuk beli yang bener-bener berkualitas, memang. Tapi kalau cuma untuk di luar beberapa menit, nggak perlu beli jaket yang jutaan gitu kok, hehe.

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