Life Update: Bedroom Makeover & Houseplants Fever


A lot has happened since the last time I was here. Most of the time I was occupied by office workloads, but there were also exciting times where I got to explore new hobbies and interest – which you’d have noticed from the title of this post, and I will share in a bit as well.

We’ll get to the fun and colourful part in a jiffy, but before that, I kind of wanted to share the more *depressing* part of these past couple months as well. Only as a reminder that behind all these pretty pictures you’ll see in a bit, I didn’t always have good days. My working hours, for example, have practically doubled – which is thanks to the combination of my crappy time management, my perfectionism, and the increasing workload. I also skipped so many French classes and didn’t continue to B1 level since I didn’t even have time to study for the final exam. I bought a piano keyboard and planned to learn how to play it but it has been three months since it’s only sitting awkwardly in my bedroom, since I do not have the time to learn. I don’t exercise, the amount of times I’ve left the house since March (even to convenience shops) is countable by fingers, and I haven’t met A or any of my friends since March. It’s stressful, but I’m hanging on. Oftentimes by a thread, but at least it’s not torn apart (yet).

Like many of us, I’ve been searching for a coping mechanism amidst these insane times. Especially one that is doable from the comfort of my own home. And like many people out there, the answer is: houseplants!

It was not planned per se, actually. It started out in August, where initially I was only planning to give my bedroom a makeover. I’ve been living at my parents’ house in my hometown (again) since March this year due to the office being closed thanks to COVID-19, and the bedroom hasn’t seen any change since the last time I lived here in 2016. The decor was pretty cool for those older times, but I felt that it no longer reflected this current version of myself. So I thought, it’s probably a good idea to change the vibes around since I will use this particular space for God-knows-how-long until the vaccine arrives.

The process of summarizing the ideas for the bedroom layout was long, and full of meticulous details, but overall incredibly fun. I almost forgot how I loved doing all those stuff and it has been awhile since I tap into that particular passion. I took a week off following my work anniversary in August, and assembled most things in a week. I thought that adding houseplants would be a nice idea, so I did, and I bought six planters to begin with.

Little did I know, those six planters in August have managed to expand its families into… 107 plants currently. PRETTY INSANE, RIGHT?!

Welp, can’t help it. Either way, one has got to find a way to stay sane, ya know. I will write in more details about the process of decorating the bedroom and hoarding those houseplants in future posts, provided that I have the time to write more these days, but for now I just wanted to share a few pictures of the results.

Also, if you’d like to see more, I created a new Instagram account dedicated to this bedroom decor and houseplants journey. Do follow along at @mengakar.untukmu!

Certainly my favourite corner. The cowboy cactus is one of my very first plants, and it seems that this big boy is about to bloom in a bit.
My workspace. Gotta be comfortable since these days I can spend all day and night working here.
The big window facing directly to the city view – since I live on the hillside. The view is unbeatable when it comes to the New Year’s Eve.
Only pink plants are allowed in the corner!
The only spot in the bedroom where there is no houseplants in sight.
Also very recently bought this trolley shelves unit so I can move these guys around more easily.
Here’s to see more snippets!

More deets will be posted on later posts. I hope you stay sane, drink more water, and always practice social distancing. Until next time!

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  1. Akhirnyaaa…. a new blog post! HOORAAYY..

    dari tulisannya, agak kebayang segimana sibuknya dirimu selama ini, dan sekarang.. kesibukannnya menurun atau ritmenya udah dapet?

    Btw, kamarnya cakep amat hey… suka sekali lihatnya.apalagi lantai kayunya.

    itu tiap hari ngerawatnya kyk gimana bil? tiap hari dijemurin ke matahari langsung atau engga?
    akupun ingin, tapi suka ga bisa ngurusnya dengan baik.

    ditunggu post terbarunya!

    1. Kesibukan udah mulai nurun, meski ritme kayaknya belum terlalu dapet hahaha. I always have issues with time management although it may not look like so karena ujung2nya selalu beres sebelum deadline meski mengorbankan banyak hal, jadi ini emang PR dari dulu sih.

      Terima kasih! Udah semingguan ini tiap pagi dipindah ke balkon kamar sebelah yang jendelanya ngadep timur, terus jam 9-10 diambil lagi sebelum terlalu panas. Seru sih, tapi hati2 nagih hehe, tapi worth it buat dicoba karena lumayan juga nambah2 objek foto tuh kalo lagi kurang bahan hahaha.

  2. iya yah…btw, suka banget sama foto-foto di mengakar.untukmu, gara-gara liat foto-fotonya yg super cool, jadi kabita, haduuhhh…

    adnabilah, semoga ritme kerjaannya segera nemu dan selalu menemukan waktu luang untuk menulis di blog ini karena seriusan, setelah blognya fransiscangela udah ga update lagi, blog kamu ini yang kusuka karena foto-fotonya dan tulisannya.

    can’t wait to read your next blog post! i really do

  3. Hola Nabilah Albani!
    udah 2021 nih, selamat tahun baruuu…

    btw, ku slalu menunggu tulisan terbarumu disini,
    hopefully kamu punya waktu lagi untuk menulis…

    Semoga selalu sehat ya Nabil..

    1. Wahaha maaf baru ngecek WP lagi! Just posted something new, mudah2an bisa jadi trigger supaya lebih rajin ke depannya ya hehe. Semoga sehat2 selalu juga!

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