Memory from a drizzly afternoon spring

Edmonton, Spring 2018

There is something quite liberating about chilling on the balcony of your third-floor apartment in a rainy afternoon, under the huge, shady trees, just letting the rain shower your bare skins as you embrace the spring breeze. For a moment, forgetting about those unsettling emotions and unfinished chores. Breathe, let loose. Smell the dry earth. Sing a farewell ode to snows.

I think the majority of us often forgets to appreciate the small details that make life hurt slightly less, and enlighten the world slightly more.

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    1. Waah kalau saya justru senangnya kalau hujan dan dingin itu lagi di mobil. Di kamar juga menyenangkan sih tapi malah jadi gak produktif karena banyak melamunnya hahaha. Thanks for stopping by btw!

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