Winter Wonderland

Winter has witnessed me blossoming into a better version of myself, and the opposite. It’s the season where I got to explore new boundaries of what I was capable of feeling. Some of my best days indeed involved a sight of endless pile of white ice, but some of the worst did as well. It has seen some of my loudest laughs and some of my worst cries, and every confusion in between. It brought along some of the days that I’d miss a lot, and some others that I’d rather completely forget.

Winter, for me, was a time of forgiveness. Of independence, of figuring out what truly matters and what does not, of redemption. When there was too much emotion, yet too little space in one’s heart to process.

But it was a beautiful sight. Regardless of seconds, minutes, hours, days, which turned into weeks, which might turn into months, where I was aching; it was nonetheless always a beautiful scenery to remember those times by.

(Photographs taken in Garneau area, Edmonton, 2017.)

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  1. I miss snow and winter wonderland like this. Because of the climate change, we get less and less snow and this winter we didn’t have snow at all ๐Ÿ™

    1. Ahhh that sucks. I hate when the weather’s all gloomy and temperature keeps dropping but the snow is nowhere to be seen. If you’re going to torture us with the cold at least give us something pretty to look at, will ya?! ๐Ÿ˜‚

    pengin banget merasakan sendiri indahnya putih salju dan dingin asli dari musim dingin.
    walaupun sekarang lagi dingin banget jg di Bdg tapi masih tetep pengin tau segimana dinginnya sih musim dingin.
    and most importantly, pengen motret landscape yg bersalju.

    1. Semoga ada rejekinya, aamiin! Sebenernya yang deket2 kayak Jepang atau Korsel juga saljunya nggak kalah cakep sih apalagi di daerah pegunungannya. Gak usah ke lokasi foto ini, nanti nyesel, gak ada apa2 soalnya hahaha kebetulan aja lagi cakep karena heavy snow. Kalau hari2 biasa ya cuman random neighborhood in the middle of a quiet city in a literally nowhere-land (karena beneran se-gak terkenal itu kayaknya kota ini tuh)..

  3. Kalo orang-orang bisa nangis gara-gara makanan enak, pemandangan kayak gini sih yang lebih menyentuh hati sampe bikin nangis. :”) Secantik ituuuu. So magical. Ini baru foto lhooo, gimana lihat aslinya, ya. Aminin dulu bisa ke sini suatu hari nanti.

    1. Waaa makasih Kak! Moga ada rejekinya, tapi ga usah exactly ke kota ini ya, you’ll probably regret it karena there’s nothing to be seen hahaha ini lucky aja lagi heavy snow jadi nampak cakepan. Although other parts of Canada esp. around the mountains emang terlalu magical sih. Btw I still can’t find your blog through WP Reader.. I wonder apa orang lain juga begini ya? Aku bisa ngeklik username orang lain untuk langsung baca blog mereka via Reader, tapi username-mu nggak bisa diklik Kak. Buka dari browserpun nggak nemu follow buttonnya.. ๐Ÿ™

  4. Membaca tulisan ini, rasanya seperti menonton penghujung sebuah film di mana pemeran utamanya, seorang gadis berparas tenang dan berjaket tebal, berdiri melihat langit kelabu agak lama, mengenang langkahnya sendiri yang sudah sejauh ini, menikmati napasnya yang lapang, dan memberi sebuah penghargaan kecil pada hatinya yang tegar: “Kamu berhak atas kedamaian ini.”

  5. Foto-fotonya mantap! Tapi saya lebih senang kata-katanya. Dalam sekali. Cuma tiga paragraf tapi bisa menghasilkan banyak bingkai dalam pikiran saya. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Waah bulan September nyetir di Jasper-Banff lagi bagus-bagusnya ya Fall foliagenya? Tapi kadang tergantung Septembernya awal apa akhir deng.. Iya Mba, cuacanya suka-suka banget di sini, gerak dikit kadang udah beda dunia aja loll

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