Would It Have Been

Does it really take the whole world to crumble for two creatures to coincidentally find a home in each other’s presence, two siblings to make long-overdue amends, and a mediocre character to take their first step towards digging what should never have never been buried for nearly two decades?

The world had been sick for a very long time, and once upon a time, you and I coexist during one of its major hiccups.

Many are currently at war with grief. Many try to befriend it instead since it’s probably going to be around for quite some time. So much sadness, anger, hopelessness, confusion, anxiety, and stress are consuming us at once that it might make one feel guilty to accidentally stumble upon a stroke of serendipity.

Read the room, they say. But the room has nothing written on it. Only weeks, that turned into months, that turned into years, of dark clouds, and more of them.

Yet every once in a while, a firefly swings by. Or a wildflower grows. Or snowflakes with perfectly shaped ice crystals fall down. Sometimes one of us is lucky to spot one and own the moment in silence, while others are constantly mourning the grey clouds.

What would it take for two creatures in need of homes to be able to find one another at the right time and find shelter in each other’s presence?

What would it take for two siblings to finally spill each other’s best-kept secrets that nobody else under the same roof ever acknowledged?

What would it take for another broken character in a broken world to finally confront their years of denial in a first step towards getting healed?

Does it really take a year and a half of the world collapsing down and there’s nothing left to do to feel happier and lighter — other than accepting and holding onto every love that came, opening up to the person literally next door, and making peace with the past; or would it have happened either way?

In an alternate storyline where everything was normal, would these unexpected outcomes be concealed with flights across oceans, normal social encounters, constantly fueled ambitions, or clearer visions?

What would have been had the world never gotten ill?

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  1. Pertama-tama, as soon as kamu liking my new blog post, aku berharap kamu nulis postingan baru dan ternyata ada, yeay.. happy me to read your blog post again.

    so… how are you? apakah tulisan ini tentang apapun yang kamu, aku dan kita semua alami terkait pandemi? dan aku salah satu yang masih diliputi langit mendung.

    i lost my job, jobless for about 3 months now. It’s quite hard for a nearly mid-thirty young man yang tiba-tiba kehilangan pekerjaan dan dengan CV yang biasa aja.

    i want to start over, standing on my own feet, berwirausaha, but i don’t know where to start, or how.

    Anyway, aku senang akhirnya bisa baca lagi tulisanmu dan semoga kamu sehat selalu ya, physically and mentally.

    1. So sorry to hear you lost your job! Semoga segera dikasih jalan keluar dan bisa segera dapat penggantinya yang bahkan jauh lebih baik, aamiin. InsyaAllah secepatnya ya. Semoga juga selalu dikasih semangat dan antusias to keep carrying on!

      Perihal what was the post about, jawabannya ada di fotonya hehe. Just a few things that made a pandemic slightly more bearable dari pengalaman pribadi..

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