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Hi there,

Dhania Albani is an anagram slash artsy alter ego of myself, Nabilah Adani. I’m a 26-year-old Jakarta-based Indonesian who’s working full-time as a petroleum geologist. When not dealing with rocks, I walk and wander around the city, take outdoorsy pictures, write poems or fictions in some grammatically flawed ways, listen to (mostly) indie pop music, send postcards, munch some cakes, read people’s blogs, binge-watch comedy series or short films, daydream about living in Scandinavia, contemplate about life in general, or probably just go to sleep.

Contact: dhania.albani@gmail.com or simply find and message me on Instagram.


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  1. Hi Bila,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, and the way you “picture” everything in your blog, our photographs as well as when you put your experience into word – (perhaps) fiction-, they make them more interesting…. 🙂

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