Oh What A Week

  • Calgary went nuts from 28oC yesterday to 2oC and snowing today, continuing with the craziest rain I’ve ever witnessed in Canada by far which has been ongoing endlessly for the past 7 hours. I brought no jacket from Edmonton because it was a frickin’ burning 25oC when I left the city, so today I had my first experience of running in the midst of a heavy rain of 2oC trying to reach home.
  • I randomly went to Google Maps street view only to view my house back at home. Darn I miss people and my comfy upstairs bedroom with a view. (And all those beautiful small showers next to the washroom’s toilets.)
  • Impulsively bought two planters of tropical plants.. Because we got lots of those back home. I think I just need to be convinced how close I am actually to home.. Although it involves buying two planters in Calgary which means I’d have to carry them all the way to Edmonton.
  • Just yesterday I spent literally one crazy burning hour after shopping groceries in Safeway, to confusedly look for a Western Union agent that Google says should be around a half km-ish outside Safeway, only to figure out that the place is actually INSIDE Safeway all this time. Time is money, and my sweats are even more.
  • Been missing home more than ever. Thinking of purchasing a flight ticket to Jakarta, but the thought of my thesis haunts all the time. Should I or shouldn’t I?
  • I’m getting way more skeptical towards people who often fake their opinions by saying, “I’m so happy for you!” “I’m so excited for this!” while all humans of all races in the world know that those things they refer to are actually just as ordinary as white girls wearing Lululemon leggings. Basic.
  • I woke up two hours late today, and figured out that the reason was that I was dreaming about my old friends, we were hanging out playing some childhood traditional games in a place that looked very much like my neighborhood back home. So I thought maybe it was actually my unconscious self who told myself not to wake up because the dream was literally better than the reality.
  • Being homesick actually lands me to a new goal: working as a lecturer in my past university (ITB). So that I could stay home with my family in Bandung, while probably with some luck Ade will successfully make it to ITB as well so Bunda, Ade, and I could actually go to work and come home together every single day. Care for an amen?
  • Found lots of interesting quote about homesickness today. I shared some of them on the other post, but here’s another one that goes as my favourite: “I never realize how much I like being home unless I’ve been somewhere different for awhile,” from the movie Juno.
  • Care to keep a little secret? This has been the song I listen to the most this year, lol.

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