VIA Canada 150 Trip Part 12: Victoria, BC

The city of Victoria was the last stop I made during my journey with VIA Rail using the Youth 150 pass. And this city underlined exactly the definition of the coast-to-coast trip I’ve had because to get to the city we had to cross a strait that goes beyond into the Pacific Ocean. So I’ve met the Atlantic in the east, and now it’s the Pacific that I say hi to!

Victoria was a subtle place surrounded by coastlines. It wasn’t too huge, but the trip was very well worth it. We went to the Victoria Butchart Garden which is possibly the most famous world-class flower garden in the entire Canada, and then went for a few hours of stop to the downtown of Victoria. However, the most remarkable part of all to me was the ferry trip since the sunset was just spectacular.

I personally think that one day tour is sufficient for you to explore the best of Victoria. There isn’t too much to observe anyway other than the flower garden and also the downtown part, even though if you’re really a super huge fan of plants you might want to stay for a full-day self-guided tour at the park because the area is just tremendously huge. And in downtown, basically the must-visit spot is only the legislature building which is indeed classy and majestic. Hence, one day would work for most people.

This post also marks the final part of my VIA Canada 150 journey! The rest of the complete sequences of the stories can be found here. Hope to see you again on my next travels!



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