Spilled ink by alter ego: to think thankfully

Clouds above clouds, greener grass on neighbor’s yard, half-empty glass of yours;

unless you’re a very positive-minded person with optimistic vibes 24/7, there’s got to be some moment during your existence when your mind is busy wondering about others’ seemingly happier and luckier lives while physically, here you are, struggling to have the least intention to take another breath and going on with your daily boredom of repeated, ordinary patterns and seemingly uninspiring routines.

Been there, done that.

But not anymore.

I once uninstalled that particular social media made to create more public impression rather than self-expression, called Path. Mostly because I was extremely exhausted witnessing social climbers showing off parts of their most expensive routines, obviously trying to earn some degree of popularity by tagging people of #CoolKidsofInstagram in the hope that people will notice how superior their circle of you-can’t-sit-with-us is, while leaving footmarks in places that seem to define how heavenly their current life is, or how bright their future is going to be. While in fact, I know pretty well how those things are just of minor matters in their actual lives and what they did there wasn’t more than simply showing how desperate they would like to be recognized in society.

I once cared, just like we once did.

But some simple steps saved me.

It might sound cliché but honestly, when you begin doing things—even the simplest ones—that really, really invite joy into your life, eventually the rest of your worries disappears.

When you get to take great pictures using analog cameras you bought yourself by saving from your income, eventually you’ll have no time to be jealous to those whose photographs were taken using high-spec full-frame cameras.

When you spare time to wander around your hometown all day by yourself, watching stories of unknown people as they go by, eventually you’ll have no time caring about people who are on vacation abroad.

When you get to do your hobbies of art and stuff for unlimited time, you would never wish you were someone else who work in some well-paid multinational company with dollar payments but no time to pursue things that make the greatest joy in their life.

When you’re accepted to the university of your dream because everything there seems to fit not only your academic purposes but also most of your major wishes in life, you won’t even want to trade places with those accepted in MIT or Harvard. Not even think to trade places with those who already get their degree earlier than you will.

When you meet a particular person whose presence is a true blessing to your life, not anymore you will admire perfect couples with fairytale-alike weddings; because deep down you know no other stories are better than yours.

Not anymore I get jealous of pretty girls who attended social science school and achieving so many and showing up being interviewed on TV because of their brilliant thoughts. Nor to white-collared employees with well-paid jobs in my former dream companies. Nor to geniuses with very long achievement lists on their CVs whose future seem to be so very bright it can make the Sun feel ashamed.

It is now safe to say, I like my life a lot. Even with unknown future in front of me, unsecured romance life on LDR phase, not so superior GPA, so-so look, average brain and all.

You may look at people’s curated version of their lives through any platforms they allow you and be devastated wondering if only their lives were yours—but really, it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing small joy that lies within every day of your life.

Now I watch more stories of people’s accomplishments or happy life routines feeling safe and secured. I read great news of friends accomplishing ABC’s feeling joyful because they help the world to be a better place already. I see amazing photos from friends’ holiday trip feeling cool because the world is already filled with sad posts too much.

All it takes is accomplishing small things that make you love yourself again to get rid of jealousy, indeed.

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