VIA Canada 150 Trip Part 6: Cabot Trail, NS

I’m quite sure that in the back of every Canadian’s mind, there’s always this particular dream about driving along the scenic world-famous Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. However, the fact that domestic flight within Canada is even a lot more expensive than international flights does not seem to help at all, hence once again I felt very fortunate to get the Canada 150 pass and be able to reach this part of Canada at last.

I must say, that even though the Rockies in the western part of Canada where I live is jaw-dropping indeed, but the coast of the eastern part of Canada is such a treasured hidden gem on another level. And the best way to possibly see the ultimate highlights of it is by experiencing a drive along the Cabot Trail which encircles the Cape Breton National Park, where the mountains meet the sea that expands into the Atlantic Ocean.

Not being able to rent a car by myself, I joined a Cabot Trail tour offered by Bannockburn Tour in Baddeck. They basically pick up and drop off all passengers back to Baddeck, but because I had an accommodation reservation in Cheticamp so I asked them to simply drop me off in Cheticamp by the end of the tour. And what must I say, this tour is indeed worth every penny for an eight-hour ride along such scenic trail. I won’t bother explaining but I’ll let some of these pictures tell you how amazing it was to be up there witnessing such God’s creation for straight amazing eight hours.

My conclusion is that, if you really only have a day to be spent in the Cape Breton Island, your best choice would be taking this tour–or rent a car by yourself and drive along this scenic trail, but that way you might not be able to keep recording plenty of footage nor take photographs all the way just like I did. (But it’s sure up to your preference.) You could then stop in Cheticamp which would be around 4P.M., book a hostel for a night, and see the stunning sunset from the top of the Skyline Trail if you hiked just two hours before sunset on that day which in summer would be about 9P.M. But sure if you don’t have that additional following morning, the Cabot Trail tour would be your very best bet.

And sure such eight-hour tour would basically give you the opportunity to take plenty of photographs that are all worth showcasing for, let alone if you get the chance to experience it in mid-October when fall foliage is at its finest, hence the colors of red, orange, yellow, and lime green are emerging from all around the corners. So, would you like to check this route off your bucket list?


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