Silver linings (and a chance of golden fortune) – Part I

The very last thing you will likely to know about surviving life, is where the wind blows tomorrow thus which path you’re going to end up sailing onto.

And every once in a while, our wrecked ships are the only ones that remain after hard storms. And nothing else stays, but a better place where we end up landing.

It might be, that the pursuit of my true dream would never begin if it wasn’t due to the loss of opportunities I thought I could grip in my hands. (Read: plunging oil price, un-recruitment, and so forth)

Had it been otherwise, I might’ve ended up in some oil and gas company where I had previously done an apprentice at, collecting incomes, buying expensive clothing and gadgets, ordering flight tickets to someplace every once in a month, and simply no longer bothering to think about discovering what truly matters for me in my life.

Well—frankly I do still desire those sort of life, for certain. I’m on my early 20’s, my ambition is big, my goals are on a very long list, my bucket list goes on and on, and working in a very well-paid multinational company having all good things secured within my hands would surely help a lot to achieve such wonderful picture-perfect life. But believe me, I’ve been in some alone moments where I got to rethink and say, Hey, that isn’t really what you’ve been wanting to accomplish all your lifetime. And you secretly know that.

Well again, that may be someone else’s life goals, or everyone’s deep desire (and I don’t refuse to admit that I indeed belong to that “everyone”) after all, and nothing is wrong with that. Apart from, that is not entirely me.

After all, it is the “storm” that brought me to rediscover everything. That awakened me by slapping me so hard right on my face, shouting, “You are literally not gonna head anywhere, not because your ship is wrecked, but because you hold on too much to the unattainable, so you better move today and find something worth fighting to fight for!”

And here I am. Within 90 days, I’ll be living in a strange place, surrounded with strange faces, witnessing strange landscapes in unfamiliar shapes and patterns, speaking in a strange language, and even as a stranger. In a city I had never thought I’d be living in all my life before today, learning to master things I thought I’d given up since years ago.

Nevertheless, I’ll be on a journey that marks an entrance into what I’ve been silently waiting every single day before today:

to renew a life, in an unknown place where—literally—everybody doesn’t know who I am or who I was, what and where I’ve been going through, how and why I stand solo there.

Within 90 days, I’d separate myself away from things that have been common all my lifetime, saluting new days of uncertainty, stepping onto the road less taken.

And today, all I know is that this is not even worth trading with years of good life I could’ve earned given that things had been as I planned before.

How universe turned the bad luck into something good, so good beyond I could’ve dared imagining.

We never know, and nobody is ever so sure about anything either. As much as I ever wanted the picture-perfect life that I’m waving my goodbyes to, I’m being more than grateful for what I have now in my grasp.

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